School’s out, Lacrosse is in


Maya Barylka

     The school year is wrapping up, but the boy’s lacrosse season is just beginning. After a year of craziness and uncertainty inside and outside of school, students have turned to sports for a distraction, and a way to pursue their passions. Thomas Leonard says that the biggest way COVID is affecting their season is, “it’s (the season)  usually earlier in the year and we’d usually be ending the season right now, heading to playoffs, but instead we are just starting it.” After being asked about his preference and opinions on the schedule change, with the season going into summer vacation, he shares his thoughts, weighing out the pros and cons, “I don’t like it, since goes into my club season so it’s a little hard doing both, but besides that, it’ll be fun hanging out with my friends and doing what we love.” Looking into the season, Tommy is most excited about, “Just being able to play with the boys and having a good time playing lacrosse.” After thinking about COVID and all of the possible effects on the future, he is predicting that there are going to be less boys on the team, and the “bonding time with everyone will be different”. The boys have played 3 games so far and have won 1. Braydon Boland says he thinks their success at their winning game came from “Only having one day of practice between our loss and our next game. Our coaches had us do a high intensity practice to push us to things we knew we could do and with that confidence going into the next game we all had a good game and got our first win.” Braydon has big goals for this season, hoping to “Just enjoy the season and have a winning record by the end of it.” After such a tough year with so many changes due to covid, it’s obvious that the boys are excited to get back on the field and play their very best season since they missed out last year, due to COVID19.