A Look Back to The Beatles 2: The Middle Years 

A Look Back to The Beatles 2: The Middle Years 

Mason DeBaggis, Journalist

Welcome back to “A Look Back to The Beatles.” This is the second part of a 3 part series. A recap of what happened last time. We talked about the first few albums, “Please Please Me” – “Beatles for sale.” Gave some history to the albums, and gave some recommendations for music to listen to. Now we will talk about the next few albums, “Help!” –  “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” These years were when the Beatles were in their prime.


A Hard Days Night and Beatles For Sale were albums that were made with controversy. Not meaning that people didn’t like the albums, people liked them. It’s just that people didn’t like some comments that the Beatles made. After the controversies the Beatles hid from everyone, to create a new album. This album was different from the early ones. It wasn’t as exciting, it was more soft with the music.


Rubber Soul was sonically groundbreaking. Toth Lennon and McCartney songwriting had reached new heights of maturity and ambiguity. Rubber Soul was the first Beatles album where each song seemed to exist unto itself, and yet the songs worked. Rubber Soul was a deeply funny album. with the beep-beep backing vocals in Drive my car and many more.


Sometime in 1965 The Beatles longtime producer George Martin quit his contract with EMI Records. EMI owned the studios at Abbey Road outright. That meant that The Beatles could record more or less as much as they wanted. This made a shift for the Beatles; they were now a studio band. Being a studio band they had more time to improve their songs. You’re able to hear it in the albums. The new studio gave them inspiration.


Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band helped set the precedent that rock bands could do more or less whatever they wanted. Songs got longer and albums grew concepts. This album presented sort of the alter egos of the Beatles. 


Help!: 1965

The songs from this album have a different feel from the other four. It is much softer and not as loud. That doesn’t mean that the songs are bad. from this album I would recommend “Help!,” “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away,” “You’re Going to Lose That Girl,” “Ticket to Ride,” “Act Naturally,” “It’s Only Love,” and “Yesterday.” This album is perfect for anyone getting into the Beatles.


Rubber Soul: 1965

With Rubber Soul’s funny theme I would recommend. “Drive My Car,” “Norwegian Wood,” “You Won’t See Me,” “Nowhere Man,” “Michelle,” “Girl,” “In My Life,” and  ‘Run For Your Life.” This album is perfect for anyone who wants to add some humor to their playlist.


Revolver: 1966

From this album I would recommend. “Eleanor Rigby,” “Here, There and Everywhere,” “Yellow Submarine,” “Good Day Sunshine,” “And Your Bird Can Sing,” and “For No One.” This album was revolutionary for the Beatles career. I’m sure that you will find a song you like.


Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band: 1967 

If you’re ever wondering what songs the alter egos of the Beatles would make, then you would get Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. For this album I would recommend. “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” “With a Little Help From My Friends,” “Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds,” and “A Day In the Life.”