The Short Game: All I Want for Christmas is an Eight Team Playoff

Mike Carlson, Spear Contributor

We all saw this one coming. The College Football Playoff Committee just announced the teams which will participate in the inaugural College Football Playoff and boy do they have a problem on their hands. A Texas-sized problem to be more exact.

This ten gallon issue comes down to one decision and, frankly, I don’t think I’ve seen more people outraged over a single decision since Juan-Pablo opted not to propose on the finale of “The Bachelor.” Of course, the decision I’m alluding to is the one which kept Baylor and TCU out of the CFP and, in the true Bachelor-style, gave Ohio State the final rose.

Now the chants of “Kill the BCS!” are turning to “Kill the playoff!” But this, much like being a fan of the Raiders, is a highly irrational thing to do. Let’s not “Kill the playoff!” let’s just rebuild it in the form of an eight team shootout.

First of all, the math of the four team playoff isn’t quite correct. There are five major college football conferences and four playoff spots. I’m no third grade math student, but something tells me those numbers conflict just a little. Four spots means that only four of the five power conferences get a representative in the playoff and that’s forgetting the SEC is more stacked than a Denny’s Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity. Either way someone isn’t getting invited to the party which means there will be party poopers. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather keep the drama on the E! Network and as far away as possible from the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. While we are at, let’s move Jay Cutler to the Horror Network.

Honestly, four teams just isn’t enough. None of the major professional sports leagues have four team playoffs. Not even the sister of college football, college hoops, has a four team playoff. So, why should college football be confined to four squads? There is nothing wrong with adding four more teams to the mix anyway. Besides, it will add more variety to a postseason landscape filled with Tide, Ducks, Buckeyes, and crab legs. Wait, I might be wrong about the Ducks part.

The usual pushback will, undoubtedly, be that the addition of a game will only compound the amount of a player’s missed schoolwork. This can be easily solved by taking away a regular season game on the schedule. Take away the week’s worth of games where Alabama plays Middle Tennessee Technical University, Oregon plays Southern Iowa A&M, and Valor plays CU. This is also, not to mention, the more humane thing to do as well. Winning is great, but scoring more points than the Philadelphia 76ers in a football game is a bit excessive.

I’ve never been one to be opinionated when it comes to sports (Or so I’ve been told), but since you were wondering, an eight team postseason belongs in the college football world. My only wish now is that the Committee calls me for my opinion or that I learn how to dunk. I’m still deciding.