Spear Expert Predictions for March Madness



Here are the consensus picks from the Hoop Heads in the Spear. We are not responsible for any money lost through the use of this bracket. However, we are confident in our predictions.  Our biggest upsets are highlighted.

Some Explanations:

#7 Wichita St beats #2 Kansas: Kansas has refused to schedule their in-state rival for a regular season game. Are they scared? We think so, and they should be.  Wichita St has had success in the tournament before, as a Final Four team two years ago.

#2 Arizona will down the #1 overall Kentucky: This will happen because we believe that destiny is against Kentucky. There hasn’t been an undefeated team since 1976 (Indiana).  We believe the Wildcats will lose at some point, and Arizona, a team highly ranked all season, has the skills to do it.

#7 Michigan St wins vs #4 Louisville:  We have these two teams meeting in the Elite Eight due to the merit of their coaches.  Coaching is a highly-regarded commodity in the always-changing atmosphere for the tournament, and Rick Pitino and Tom Izzo are among the best in the business.  There’s no stat to represent strategy, but these two would be leading the country if there was.