Art Attack is Here


Kelly Smith

It’s that time of year — the halls are filled with art and creative minds do nothing but get lost in the bright colors and beautiful lines.


It’s Art Attack time. The perfect moment for students to express their talent inside and outside of the classroom. The amazing artwork that fills the halls is hard not to look at; the eyes of peers cannot help but be captured among the talent that hangs with pride.


Sierra Lewis-Sweed, 11, says, “The art this year is so surreal, things that go beyond creativity and show the person’s personality. Every piece is a part of someone, it’s so much different than other years.”

This breathtaking art show has been a tradition for twelve years, and the art department has never had this much art entered before. All together, the art department spent twenty hours preparing for the show, as well as twelve hours hanging pieces over the weekend.
An incredible amount of hard work has gone into this show, so come check out the Art Attack awards ceremony this coming Tuesday, April 19th at 7:00pm in the theater hallway! We hope to see you there!