Killy Winz, Jayden Liberty and Kaylee Rogers Spotlight Arapahoe Win over Grandview


Zak DeBaggis, Clayton Cain, Authors

On Tuesday, September 27, the Arapahoe Warriors defeated Grandview for their tenth consecutive victory with a 3-1 win.  Arapahoe Volleyball’s big three of Killy Winz, Jayden Liberty, and Kaylee Rogers combined for 44 of the teams 55 kills. In sets 2-4 the superstars of Arapahoe took over and there was nothing Grandview could do about Killy Winz. She continued to dominate on the court with 2 aces, 20 digs and 19 receptions. Kaylee Rogers had 15 receptions and Abbey Anderson had 13 receptions. All of the Warriors played phenomenally especially on the offensive. Senior Amanda Maggiore and junior Carly Killorin combined for a total of 52 assists which benefited the warriors greatly.

In a super competitive first set, the the two heavy weights were exchanging blows. Arapahoe had won the first serve and the two teams continued to exchange until Grandview finally won with a score of 26-24.

The next three sets were a different story. The Warriors picked up the pace in the second set to give them a win of 25-15. Then the third set started off similarly to the first set with both teams exchanging points but in the end Arapahoe pulled away to win 25-19.

Lastly the fourth set was one of the strangest sets to be played. It started off normally and then suddenly there was confusion on Grandview’s side which appeared to be for their rotations. Several times Grandview would not be lined up correctly or they didn’t rotate correctly which automatically gave Arapahoe a point. Both coaches and players were visibly frustrated and confused about these calls. The final match ended with an Arapahoe win of 25-14.

Next week the Warriors will face huge rival, the Cherry Creek Bruins. It will be a playoff atmosphere because both teams are 11-2, Arapahoe is ranked 15th and Creek is ranked 11th.