Dear Republicans that stand with Donald Trump


Lea Wolff, Reporter

Dear Republicans that stand with Donald J. Trump,

I am going to agree to disagree with your political opinion. I respect that you have one and I think that is admirable that you have your set values in life. As a fellow peer, I am never going to be able to change your opinion. However, I cannot support a president that is against people with disabilities.

On his first day in office, Donald J. Trump has taken off the climate change, LGBT, civil rights and the disabilities pages from the White House website, showing strong opposition to these issues. I am scared for the United States right now. I fully acknowledge this is how you have felt for the last 8 years with a Democratic president. I also understand that you have wanted change. But this change is not moving forwards, it is moving the country backwards.

I cannot stand with a man who does not see the point of dyslexic children being able to read. This is someone that is satisfied with the idea of Americans in wheelchairs no longer having access to public places. Our own president does not stand behind the idea of a deaf person having a voice in this world by having an interpreter. This is someone that has never served a day in his life but does not support the disabled war veteran that served his own country. The country that now betrays him. Disabled Americans are important and here to stay. According to the Center for Disease Control, roughly 53 million americans in the U.S. have some form of a disability. Even one of our own presidents, FDR, was suffering from polio while in office. I would like these people to not have the mats from under their feet taken from them. I would like them to be their true selves and to not be afraid.

America was never great with its people not living their lives. Why should this be the future that fellow Americans live in?