Types of Dieting


Murielle Hecomovich , Reporter

As new year’s resolutions become less important and things you will do “next year”, eating healthy and dieting are one of the first things to get cut off the list. So to help give you some inspiration to make 2017 a healthy and rewarding year, here are four of the top diets and healthy eating habits that can check off one of those boxes on your resolution list.

Vegan Diet- The vegan diet is one of the hardest diets to stay on,  because it involves  taking out all animal products (including eggs and cheese). The food you can eat are plants, fruits, vegetables and legumes (dried beans and peas), grains, seeds and nuts. This diet often results in better overall body and mental health. If done properly you can expect results, but you might want to ease into it and cut out small groups of foods at a time to help your body get used to the changes.

Vegetarian Diet- Becoming vegetarian means taking out all meat in your daily diet. Much like the vegan diet, going vegetarian is difficult but very rewarding if you stick to it. This diet involves many of the same foods like plants, fruits, vegetables and legumes, which need to be in your daily meals so you make sure you are getting enough nutrients and protein to support your body and everything you do throughout the day.

Paleo Diet- The paleo diet is a  diet based on the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by cavemen or early humans. Consisting of meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, this diet seems like the meat lovers method of stay healthy. However,  because it eliminates dairy or grain products and processed food, many have a hard time sticking to it.

Juice Cleanse Diet- If you are looking for a quick fix and do not have the time to commit to a diet, juice cleansing is just what you are looking for. You have probably seen pictures of celebrities and models doing this, and that is because of the awesome benefits you receive in short time period. Going on a juice cleanse means that all you consume is juice and water. Many juice bars like Nektar provide sets with directions and juices for the cleanse, but if you would like you can always make your own juice with recipes online.