Warriors Win at Coors Field


On Thursday, March 16th the Arapahoe Warriors took on the Chaparral Wolverines at Coors Field. The Warriors took the win with the score of 4-3. The Warriors posted three runs in the top of the sixth inning after trailing 3-1.  

Cole Carman started the game on the mound for Arapahoe. He allowed 3 runs over two and 2/3 innings. Senior, Corey Grace earned the win and Michael Gibbs nailed down the save as the Warriors won their first game of the 2017 season.

We got a chance to catch up with Scott Mountz, senior, who started at third base at Coors. When asked about how this game was different than any other game, Scott explained, “The atmosphere was electric, as there were many fans and supporters in attendance.” Scott is certainly right, as there were an estimated 300 Arapahoe students, staff, family members, and fans filling the stands. Scott described this experience by saying, “It was one of my favorite baseball memories. Playing on a big league field is what I’ve dreamed about since I was a kid.” Obviously playing a game at Coors Field is bound to be filled with memorable experiences and activities. How can one possibly pick one favorite memory from an experience like this? Scott had one: “The one thing I’ll remember the  most is standing on the line with my brothers, listening to the National Anthem before the game.” Reid Conant, senior, who started the game in center field, stated, “It was an honor to share the same field as Charlie Blackmon.” Thinking about all the players that have stepped onto the same field as the Warriors did on Thursday certainly puts into perspective how great the experience truly was, especially for the players.