Senioritis is Real



Zak DeBaggis, Author

As the end of the year continues to wind down senioritis has spread to about 550 students of the senior class. Yes, this is real. I once was a skeptic of this strange disease known as senioritis, I’d think “that’s never going to happen to me.”  That is until I caught the disease.

It was about January going into February and I was officially underway in my second semester of senior year, and I was prepared to work hard and get a lot accomplished. I was still deciding on where I’d attend college at the time but little did I know that once I had committed, it would the beginning of the end. Eventually, I decided to commit to the University of Northern Colorado where I would spend the next few years of my life on a new adventure. The problem is I was too excited about this new adventure and had forgotten about the journey I was currently on. My return to school from the previous weekend was not normal. Usually, I’d come to school prepared with everything I needed and homework completed but that wasn’t the case, which was not like me at all. I hadn’t read the assigned chapter for Siddhartha nor had I finished my AP Statistics homework. I felt no motivation to complete them at all. Later that week I finally caught up and thought that maybe that week was just “one of those weeks.” Then things got worse.

Weeks went by and nothing had changed. I just stopped caring and I didn’t really have an explanation. Then all of a sudden I had a realization that I had caught the viral disease. Senioritis is a weird thing because it can happen at any point of the senior year. Some people say that they’ve had senioritis since freshmen year, but that’s simply just not true. The effects are much more severe during senior year but grow even worse as the year progresses. For underclassmen, just observe any senior during the months of April and May and you’ll see how many people have senioritis. Some try to combat it and try to get any grades up but for others, it is too late because they’ve already given up.

Every year senioritis strikes new victims as people try to find a solution to prevent it during the school year. The only known cure is graduation.