5 Restaurants for the Adventurous

Aidan Price, Jake Reed, and Rees LaBree

Everyone loves foods that will make you hungry just thinking of them. Although many high school students constantly return to well established chains, some of the most delicious food comes from some not-so-well known places. Here are some of the best restaurants that are off the beaten path.

1) Chez Jose

Chez Jose will give your tastebuds a sensation without paying a pretty buck. Conveniently located, by the Trader Joe’s on University Blvd, Chez Jose has a variety of options varying from quesadillas, to nachos, to burritos. Included with the meal is a salsa bar where you can doctor up your meal. If you’re more of a morning person try their breakfast burrito.

Personal Favorite: Chicken Quesadilla ($ 7.75)


2) Tzatziki’s Restaurant

If you’re willing to pay a little extra for authentic Mediterranean cuisine, Tzatziki’s is the ultimate destination. Located on University Boulevard (Right across the street from Chez Jose), Tzatziki’s has a rating of 4.4 stars on google.

Personal Favorite: Kabob Beef ($13.99)


3) Yuan Palace Mongolian BBQ

Located on Arapahoe Road and Yosemite, you will definitely get the most bang for your buck at Mongolian BBQ. For $15 you get soup, rice, and rice cakes. If you’re wondering if the list ends there, this is only the warm up. The main entree is a build your own bowl. You fill your bowl from a variety of ingredients and then take it to a flat top stove where they then cook it right in front of you.

Personal Favorite: Lunch Special ($15.00)


4) Taste of Philly

Located on County Line and University, Taste of Philly may be the most coveted Philly Cheese Steak this side of the Mississippi. Although their specialty is the beloved steak, onions, and cheese combo, they offer a diverse menu with hoagies, chicken Phillies, fresh salads, and crispy fries. The service is always fast and friendly, and they offer call ahead order pickup for convenience.

Personal Favorite: 8” Original Philly ($7.49)


5) Brother’s BBQ

Looking to get saucy? Brother’s BBQ has a large selection of sauces for every person. From sweet to spicy and everything in between, braising your meat should be no problem. If you find a sauce you particularly enjoy pick it up in store or at any King Soopers. Arby’s has nothing on Brother’s BBQ’s meats. Purchase and dine on anything that can fit in a smoker, served any way you like. If you can’t decide, opt for a selection of everything. Brother’s BBQ is sure to appease those looking for any variety of barbeque cooking.

Personal Favorite: Two-Meat Special ($14.99)