Arapahoe SROs and Internet Fame


Deputy Englert and Deputy Tipton (photo by Nathan Holmes)

Among the millions of social media pages circulating the internet, there’s some new faces online: Arapahoe SROs. Just a week after publishing their Instagram account, the SRO team amassed an impeccable three-hundred followers. Posters marketing their new page spread around the school, while talk of the new viral sensations circulated through the hallways. Intrigued by their internet fame, we sat down to chat with the SROs, Deputy Tipton and Deputy Englert.

So why did you guys decide to create a social media account? 

Deputy Tipton: We thought it was a great opportunity, a platform that’s obviously very popular with the community here… To try to make connections and have an impact. Give people an opportunity to get to know us on more of a personal level, as more than just the hairy cop and the bald cop… For people to start to maybe get to know our names and understand what we do. It’s an opportunity to really break down those barriers… I know when I was your age, I didn’t have police in my school, but if I did, I’d be a bit intimidated if I didn’t know who they were or what they did. I never had a conversation with them… I think this is an opportunity to have a conversation. Easiest example is, I took a picture with some students and it was a big thing for them to be on our social media page. But in the mean-time, we had a conversation.

So is that what you’ll be posting the most of, photos with students?

Deputy Tipton: You know it’s going to be a little bit of everything… Forgive us, Deputy Englert and I are a bit challenged when it comes to social media… We’re learning as we go. I think our plan is to utilize it as an opportunity to take photos, present ourselves as something more than just law enforcement… build relationships… also try to convey information.

Deputy Englert: It’s honestly another way to connect with young people. I’ve probably talked to some or a lot of people I wouldn’t talk to normally. It’s been interesting because we have almost 300 people on Instagram. It’s cool, we’ve been getting a positive reaction from people.

Have you been receiving positive feedback from the student community? 

Deputy Englert: Oh yeah. It’s cool, when you take a picture of something, to see who else wants to join… Be friends on there. They kind of see us in a different light. We have a pretty good relationship with… the students and us. It’s not like that at every school… I’ve asked a bunch of kids like “how do you do this?”. You guys know way more than we do about this stuff.

What’s your favorite part of the social media page? 

Deputy Tipton: I just like the interactions we’ve had based on it… It’s an opportunity for us to have a conversation. That’s what’s kind of rewarding and positive… It’s been a lot of positive.

Deputy Englert: For a long time, we’ve always been like ‘keep to ourselves’… But now, we have to be cautious what we put out… We want to keep to it positive.

Deputy Tipton: It’s a great opportunity to work on building relationships… Social media is huge and it has such a huge impact on you guys… So it’s nice to take advantage of that.

When did you officially create the account?

Deputy Tipton: About a week ago.

What about the trading cards too?

Deputy Englert’s exclusive trading card.

Deputy Tipton: It’s just one more thing… This is such a unique job… it really is about building relationships. As cheesy as it sounds… you guys are our community everyday… There’s 2100 plus people in this community, right? And things happen, good and bad… Relationships make it a bit easier when we have to talk about bad things you’ve experienced… We’re just trying to make connections.

Any last commentary?

Deputy Englert: Follow us on Instagram! (@ahs_sros)



(This interview has been condensed and adapted)