Andy’s VS Culver’s


Kate Tucker and Ruby Harris

This article was originally published in the October 2019 issue of the Herald.

Two restaurants (both with a drive-thru), two tasters, and one big debate over the superior frozen treat. Culver’s has been serving Butter Burgers and fresh, homemade custard for 35 years and a newly opened location just a five-minute drive from Arapahoe. Andy’s Frozen Custard is an eatery serving exclusively frozen custard-based desserts since 1986. We put ourselves up to the task of trying  similar menu items from each restaurant to decide ultimately which one will take the cake. Beginning with the classic vanilla cone, a small at Andy’s starting at $1.94, and a jumbo costing $3.89, whereas Culver’s small starts at $2.29 and a three scoop cake cone priced at $3.59. Andy’s vanilla cone melted within seconds of ordering and the ice cream they claim to be custard was not nearly as thick and creamy as Culver’s cone, which was less gourmet ice cream, and more custard, like it should beNow for our next opponent, the mint concrete. Made with mint syrup and vanilla custard, this custard dessert has a starting price of $4.69 for a small and a whopping $6.44 for a jumbo at Andy’s. At Culver’s, a mini Mint Concrete Mixer is priced at $2.69, and a tall has a cost of $4.99. Even with Andy’s high prices, the mint concrete at Culver’s tasted almost exactly the same for almost half the cost. Although Andy’s has a great reputation, their custard is way too overpriced and the hospitality there is poor at best. At Culver’s, more than just custard is available; with burgers, fries and more, Culver’s offers a full meal and a place to sit inside and out. Culver’s also offers much better prices, and getting a concrete instead of a plain cone isn’t going to break the bank.