Kanye West Jesus Is King: Album Review


Andrew Chalmers, Reporter

Kanye West’s new album “Jesus Is King” has had a lot of controversy about if the album is “Real Kanye” or if it is just a show. Kanye West has had many different styles and albums in his career but this one was definitely the most different. In all of his past albums, every song has been explicit and geared towards mainstream radio but in “Jesus Is King”, every song is clean. Also, a lot of people will say, “I miss the old Kanye” and they are referring to when Kanye West said that he was changing his public nickname to “Ye”. He released an album called “Yeezus” in 2013 and that is when people started using that phrase.

Some would say that his lyrics have gotten worse and worse since his album “Yeezus” and is some aspects I could agree but I also think the lyrics in a couple of the songs from “Jesus Is King” are top-notch. Compared to other rappers, Kanye West has some of the best lyrics I have ever heard. Even if you think his lyrics have gotten worse since “Yeezus”, you have to admit we are listening to one of the greatest artists of all time.

An example is in Kanye West’s song “Closed on Sunday” in the “Jesus Is King” album when he says, “Closed on Sunday, You’re my Chick-fil-a; You’re my number one, with the lemonade”. When someone says, “You’re my number one”, you would think you are their favorite person but when he says, “with the lemonade”, he is using a double entendre and talking about an order you can do at Chick-fil-a.

There are many more examples of his lyric ability and I just wanted to point one out. But as the album itself, I think it is a slower album except for a couple of songs. Personally, I only like three songs and the rest are a little too slow for me.

So in conclusion, I would give this album a 6/10.