I Don’t Understand Understand the Hype Either, but Yay Charli D’Amelio!


Megan Nguyen, Editor in Chief

Like millions of other teenagers, I am an avid time waster when it comes to social media, but more specifically: TikTok. Trends on TikTok are fast and furious, fitting for the average attention span of a teenager.  The latest hot topic: Charli D’Amelio. Guys love her, girls envy her, no one understands the hype, but everyone feeds it anyways.

This 15-year-old TikTok dancer rose to fame in, like, a week. Seriously, I was off the app for a week and the next thing I know, 15 gazillion videos of kids duetting Charli are taking over my For You page. A fourth of them are her doing her thang. The other fourth is crowd of guys showing her off while she’s doing her thang. The next half features people GOING OFF about how she is overhyped and overrated.

So here’s my thing: maybe she is, but HOP OFF. Geez. The amount of negativity and  hate this girl is receiving is uncalled for, especially because is it is mainly a reaction to the amount of positive feedback she was receiving.

I AGREE with a lot of people. There are tons of beautiful people on this app with a dance background- why Charli rose to TikTok fame is beyond me, but let’s leave it at that. No, instead of forming that opinion and moving on, teens really be out here ragging on her success. Let’s face it: if ANYONE else had managed to glean as much attention as Charli, he or she would be thriving off the fame. So why hate on Charli just because she managed to actually do it?

Okay, charging $100 to film a 10-second video is actually ridiculous. But I have to give her props for donating 100% of the profits to the charity, Carnival For A Cause. This girl is literally using her hype (even if they hype is over the top) to better the world, and all kids can focus on is that she seems self-absorbed. If you had that much power, would you try to dial it down because other people are jealous or use it for good for as long as you have it?

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. This just happens to be mine. A girl got successful and got hated for it. What’s that say about social media?