Flashback Friday 11/22

Lauren McClard and Genna Rump

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It’s Flashback Friday! This week we’re taking a look at the third yearbook for Arapahoe High School: the 1966 Calumet. The third volume of the AHS Calumet documents the differences in Arapahoe’s clubs and activities through the years.

In 1966, Arapahoe’s Bowling Club made its first appearance. The Bowling Club was made of many students who shared a love and passion for bowling. This co-ed club was all about perfecting their bowling skills and they met at different bowling alleys to play. The disappearance of this club has us wondering why bowling is not as popular today. Would you be a part of Bowling Club if it was still around?

As time has passed, the school’s image has changed drastically. Be sure to check in every Friday to see what new flashbacks we find!