Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature Exhibit at the Denver Art Museum


Lauren McClard, Reporter

Have you been to the Denver Art Museum recently? If not, now is the time to go! The Denver Art Museum has an exhibit showcasing the work of artist Claude Monet, a painter recognized as the founder of the Impressionist art movement. Now through February 2, 2020, more than 120 paintings that span the career of Claude Monet can be viewed at the Denver Art Museum. Adult tickets cost between $22-$27, however, touring this exhibit is very affordable for youth ages 6-18, with tickets costing only $5. Even better, tickets to Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature come with an audio guide in both English and Spanish as well as admission to the rest of the museum’s permanent exhibits. It is recommended to buy tickets soon online to reserve a time and date to view the exhibit, as many showings are becoming sold out.

My experience with the Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature exhibit was very enjoyable. The audio guide that was provided gave insight into the life and career of Claude Monet, perfect for people who may not know much about him or his work. As you move through the exhibit, you get a glimpse of the world through Monet’s eyes. It is also incredibly fascinating to see how his impressionistic style developed over more than six decades. 

Since I saw the exhibit on a Saturday afternoon, the gallery was packed! I recommend going on a weekday if at all possible. Foremost, this exhibit, which is really a tribute to his life’s work, brings out the art lover within all of us. I would absolutely encourage everyone to take the time to view the work of the talented artist Claude Monet in a once in a lifetime showing of over 120 of his magnificent paintings.