Star Wars Won’t End with Episode IX


Kate Tucker, Reporter

With an industry value of over $65 billion, the Star Wars franchise is known worldwide for the classic movie series featuring the character created by George Lucas. However, with the major changes within the last decade of the franchise including the death of George Lucas, the change in ownership from Lucasfilms to Disney and the passing of Carrie Fisher, many rumors have spread throughout the internet concerning the end to the series. These rumors have been addressed by the current director of episodes VII-IX, J.J. Abrams, stating that the Skywalker Saga, will in fact end with Episode IX, The Rise of Skywalker, which was released in late December of 2019. The end of the Skywalker Saga does not, however, conclude the Star Wars universe, as there has been an official release of the making of at least three more Star Wars related movies coming within this decade, presenting new characters and plots under the same direction and production of the Skywalker Saga. Although the ending of the iconic saga is bittersweet, the legacy it leaves in the cinematic world will never be forgotten.