Australian Bushfires

Australian Bushfires

Amelia Davis, Reporter

Australia has never truly made national news, at least not for anything terrible lately, but now the country has made headlines around the world. The bushfires in Australia have been burning for over two months. New South Wales has been hit the hardest, the state on the southeast border. 

While we all see the animals being carried from the fire, the koalas in casts, kangaroos being carried by people, that isn’t the full picture. At least two dozen people have died due to the fires and in New South Wales alone there have been over 2,000 homes burned to the ground. The adorable animals that Australia is known for, aren’t the only ones getting hurt either, the smallest animals have been hurting as well. The caterpillars, the birds, even the tarantulas are a vital part of the ecosystem and they are being burned as well.

Australia has been feeling the effects of climate change for a long time. Their Great Barrier reef has been dying and the colorful corals have been turning to white. The animals living in the reef hasn’t been able to survive the rising waters, which means colder temperatures. The bushfires are just another natural disaster added to Australia, which are becoming difficult to manage.

If you want to help Student Council and the Marine Life Club are doing a fundraiser starting January 27th until February 5th, You will be able to donate in your science classes. All the proceeds will go to the wildlife that have been affected by the wildfires.