Remember the Mamba Mentality: Kobe Bryant Mentality

Remember the Mamba Mentality: Kobe Bryant Mentality

Andrew Chalmers, Reporter

As you may know, the superstar basketball player and a motivator for people around the world Kobe “The Mamba” Bryant sadly passed in a helicopter accident yesterday January 26th. Kobe was a basketball legend and many people everywhere looked up to him and specifically his mentality about sports and work ethic. This mindset is called the Mamba Mentality.

This mentality is all about working harder than your competition and thinking you are better than your competition is. He has used this mentality to win 5 championships, the 2007-2008 MVP, 2 Finals MVPs, 4 All-Star game MVPs. He also went to 18 All-Star games, was All-NBA 15 times, all-defensive 12 times and was on the 1996-97 all-rookie team. This mentality drove him to be one of the best basketball players of all time and that is why we have to remember this mentality and use it in whatever we do.

You can use this mentality outside of sports as well. If you really want a raise or a promotion at your job, you can use this mentality to work as hard as you can and work harder than the person you are competing with. If your mindset is “I am better than he/she is” and “I can work harder,” you will achieve whatever you want.

Let’s keep the Mamba’s legacy alive by using the mentality he created and using it with pride and respect for Kobe Bryant and what he did for the sport of basketball and for people around the world who got what they wanted because of his inspiration.