Denver’s Womxn’s March


Constance Rathsack, Copy Editor, Reporter

On Saturday January 18, 2020 thousands of people flooded the streets of Downtown Denver in support and awareness for women’s rights. Sponsored by Womxn’s March Denver, an independent volunteer run organization, committed to shining a light on marginalized communities, and ending sexism, injusticeand oppression. According to their website, Womxns March Denver the organization values inclusivity, authenticity, integrity and “ amplifying the voices of those who have been historically marginalized.. and speaking out against oppression”. 

Thousands of women, men, children and even canine friends paraded through the streets surrounding the Capital Building. Rallying chants of  “This is what Democracy looks like” were thrown up in the air to motivate all of those marching. Bright, eye-catching signs, filled the air with messages of “ The Future is Female”, and “Equality for All”. Many of the signs also had a political tone to them, advocating for the impeachment of President Trump. Although, many of the marchers were there for political reasons, the march overall was not originally idealized as political. 

Among the marchers was Colorado’s Secretary of State, Jenna Griswold. Elected in 2018, Griswold is the, “ youngest Secretary of State in the Nation. A Democratic woman, and one of only ten women who have served in our constitutional statewide offices,” said Griswold. Soon after being elected she was able to “ lead and get passed one of the largest democracy reforms in the nation”. Moving forward in the future of politics, there are definitely going to be some big changes. Griswold said, “ Well, I think that there’s a lot more women running for office, and just getting involved politically. There was… so much support of women post 2016, which I think really changed the demographic of some races. But I also do think that there’s a lot of glass ceilings, so here in Colorado we’ve never has a woman governor or woman senator. And I think that has to change. We’re at least 50% of the population and we need to make sure that people from different communities have representation.” 

Great strides have been made to bring to light any and all social, political and economic discrimination

in every sense. There is still work to be done, but activities like the Womxn’s March, people like Jenna Griswold and the thousands of others marching alongside will continue to speak up for those who can’t.