The Coronavirus is Ruining Sports!

The Coronavirus is Ruining Sports!

Andrew Chalmers, Reporter

The fast-spreading, very contagious disease, COVID-19 (coronavirus), has changed the world as we know it. Italy and China have the worst of it but that does not mean it is not affecting other countries as well and especially the sports world.

Let’s start out with how it is affecting soccer around the world. The top league in Italy, Serie A, has been suspended until further notice and before this suspension, no fans were allowed inside of stadiums. Other big leagues such as La La Liga in Spain, Primeira Liga in Mexico, Premier League in England, and Eredivisie in Holland have been suspended until further notice. Big tournaments around Europe such as the Champions League and Europa League have also been postponed until further notice. Every single player in super-club Real Madrid has been quarantined because a player on Real Madrid’s basketball team tested positive for the virus and trains in the same building as the soccer team.

It gets worse. In the United States, the NHL, NBA, XFL, MLS, PGA, and MLS have ALL been suspended for at least 30 days. As a sports fan, this is just insanity and in my lifetime nothing like this has ever happened and I watch sports every day so this is going to be very different.

And finally all school sports and after school activities have been canceled throughout the nation. The worst part is that it was the very beginning of the spring season for sports and for now all activities are canceled until April 4. If you are participating in a spring sport, make sure you wash your hands for 20 seconds every day and stay healthy so when you get back, you will be in your best form.

Stay healthy everyone!