The Need to Know: Bachelor Edition

The Need to Know: Bachelor Edition

Ella Cinalli, Reporter

                      The Bachelor is a show that has carried the hype since it started about 18 years ago. Every new Bachelor comes on the show foolishly looking for love when in fact 2 out of the past 23 seasons of bachelors has “found love”. I mean at this point it should’ve lost its fan base but somehow the producers seem to make the fans forget about the .08% success rate. So now that we have the ranting portion out of the way lets talk about Peter’s season. What you thought my ranting meant I didn’t like the Bachelor?

                      Okay so, first of all, this is going to have big spoilers in it so if you are not caught up to episode 4 then go watch it and come back here. So I’d first like to talk about Hannah Brown. I do not like the fact that she came to Peter’s group date and played with his feeling and tried to, in my opinion, manipulate him out of his Bachelor season. I truly believe that she had her chance with him and it. I mean she tried again with 2 out of the 3 finale guys in her season and now she is trying to get the third. NO! Luckily I do not have to worry about that because she is gone and hopefully not coming back.

                     On the note of coming back from the past and looking to the future what about the champagne incident?  I think that Hannah Ann had no malicious intent when she popped the champagne and that Kelsey blew that way out of proportion. But I do not think that Hannah Ann had the right to talk to Peter about being bullied by her. It just wasn’t bullying, in my opinion. Bullying is a consistent and ongoing attack of a person and Kelsey just screamed some mean words to her. So now that that is slowly going down the drain in the show and the media, we have to talk about the new and old drama with Alayah.

                      Peter honestly made the right choice in letting Alayah go cause she was definitely lying about her intentions, but then, of course, she came back. I am as pissed at Peter as all the other girls in the house and sidenote I think it would be so funny if all the girls just walked out of the house like can you say plot twist! I am also so confused about if Victoria P. is lying or if Alayah is lying. I wanna say that Alayah is lying but Victoria definitely kept secret how much time Alayah and she had spent together. Tell me your opinion in the comments section below!

                    We need to talk about my favorite girls and my not so favorite girls as well! I love Madison I think she’s so sweet and deserving of Peter’s love. I like Victoria F. but I feel like it won’t last long cause she seems on the cusp of being a crazy “female dog” hint hint nudge nudge. Also Chase Rice really LOL…The devil works hard but the producers of the Bachelor work harder, am I right. I controversially like Kelley she seems to be a good person and fit for Peter and I like their backstory of meeting in the hotel. I also like how she’s stayed out of the drama and has focused on Peter alone. I am not a fan of Kelsey she seems so “fake” as she likes to call other people, and cries way too much for my taste. I am on the fence with Sydney cause she seems like she was just trying to knock out the competition with her sly comments to Peter but maybe she did see that Alayah was using the Bachelor for fame. Anyway, if anyone who reads this wants to argue about the girls and Peter plzzzz do cause I live for the Bachelor. See you in Episode 5!