DracoTok- “I Know You’re Obsessed with Me”

Riley Roth, Reporter

Draco Malfoy has taken over Tik Tok. I repeat Draco Malfoy has taken over Tik Tok. 


Tik Tok is a mysterious place. There are many different videos that appeal to many types of viewers. You can lose yourself in the app for many hours if you aren’t paying attention. Many trends have started and ended on it. But there is one trend that stands out more than dances or DIY trends. I am talking about Harry Potter. More specifically…. Draco Malfoy. 


Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter’s rival, is a character in J.K. Rowling’s famous book series, Harry Potter. In later years, it was turned into a movie series. Young Tom Felton played the part of the platinum harried boy and many people took a fancy to him. The hype and obsession that Draco Malfoy has caused across the world is definitely not what anyone expected this year .


Creators on Tik Tok started the trend of #Dracotok and #dracomalfoy which has now gone viral with 6.2 billion views and counting. Many people have taken clips of Draco from the movies and have made videos with them called POVs (POV is short for Point Of View). They have put together the snippets of Malfoy and themselves to make it look like they were in the wizarding world with him. Most of the TikToks are showing what would happen if the creators had a romance with Draco. These videos have sparked fanfiction stories on Wattpad as well. This in an app where you can write stories or fanfictions to whatever you see fit. Some of those stories were also put on TikTok. The creators are making the story about the watcher or more like the reader of their videos. So you are the main character and are the one having a forbidden love with the Slytherin prince.


Tom Felton, who accidentally happened upon a #dracotok TikTok, commented on it. With the TikTok curriculum in place, this meant he would be getting more of the same types of videos. After watching himself in the videos, he then made a TikTok with the the caption of, “POV: watching @t22felton react to your #dracotok videos,” with the “I know you’re obsessed with me,” soundtrack playing in the background. During the video he showed many different emotions. He was scared most of the time which frankly… I don’t blame him. He also showed that he thought the videos were hilarious to him. This trend is still going on, but how long do you think it will last?