Virtual Talent Show 2020

Shelby McInally and Lincoln Pedersen

Last Monday October 5th, The Arapahoe Talent Show of 2020 took place. Many creative acts were performed and recorded for everyone to see. Some enjoyed doing their act on camera while others would have preferred performing in person. It was a very different experience than what we are used to but everyone made the best of it and put together a great show for everyone to enjoy. 

Caleb Fleming (Shadow Shapeshifting):

  1. How many takes did you have to do?

“I took at least 10 takes before I got the video that I used in the actual show.”

  1. What was it like not doing the talent show in person?

“Honestly, not doing it in-person stinks; because it was online, it forced me to be more creative in my approach this year. Doing shadow shapeshifting and puppets to music the way I did would have been really difficult to do in person, so having the opportunity to show it through video online was the better way.”

  1. Was it easier not having an audience for your nerves?

“The fact that I could easily redo my performance if I didn’t like it helped me not to have nerves as I did the act. The adrenaline rush that I get from having nerves on stage pushes me to do a better performance.”

Danielle Hanna (Irish Step Dancing): 

“It was nice [to record my act] because I could do it multiple times until I was satisfied that it was good. But then I had to watch the video almost 100 times for editing and I hate watching myself dance. I can only see what I’m doing wrong. I prefer live audiences because even if you mess up they won’t know unless you let it show. And it just feels better to do it in front of people and seeing their reactions. Doing it by yourself is kind of sad and it’s just missing the part of performing that I love.”