Fall Premiere Week Rundown

Take a look at Arapahoe’s first ever Fall Premiere!


Michaela Powell, Journalist

Lights! Camera! Action! Last week kicked off our first ever Arapahoe Fall Premiere! Let’s take a peek at some of the highlights! 

We started off the Fall Premiere with some phenomenal decorations put together by various groups who got to show off pride for their club through their mad decorating skills. Check out the photo below to see some of the fun decorating that took place after school on Friday October 2nd.

Photo by Mrs. Abner

It was so great to see all the various clubs coming together to show off their clubs and support each other for the greater benefit of the school. We love our clubs and teams here at Arapahoe and loved seeing them show off school spirit. It was a great way to kick off our Fall Premiere. Thank you to all the groups that participated and came in to decorate!

Our biggest kick of the week was our first Spirit Day of the year! The Monday and Tuesday Spirit Days were all based on the great movie Sandlot! Did you dress up for Sandlot? In the picture below we see members of the student council all geared up for Sandlot day. We loved seeing all your fun baseball inspired outfits!

Did you participate in our Kahoot at lunch? If you did, how well did you know the movie Sandlot?

Photo by Mrs. Abner

Since it is the Fall Premiere, we had to have some great music playing in the background at lunch! All songs were suggested by your peers.

Spirit Week cannot go without a Talent Show!  Did you check out our amazing Arapahoe talent in the Virtual Talent Show? If you haven’t, you should definitely go watch it here!  We had some amazing talents. One participant, Kayla Romero, says she auditioned for the talent show because she wanted “to get into theater and thought it would be a good way to transition into theater” When asked what she would like to say to the audience she said “I got really nervous but that’s ok! It’s really fun to just try out for things, just do it!” You did awesome Kayla!

Next was Thursday and Friday, High School Musical spirit day! Thursday and Friday everyone dressed up in their best school spirit! We still had the songs blasting in the back and it was a nice fun day. Perfect way to go into the weekend.

Our big finale was the night on the town! This year due to COVID we couldn’t have our normal homecoming dance, but our amazing Student Council team helped create a special night to enjoy! They created our Fall Premiere and designed a night where they reserved seating for Arapahoe High School students at different restaurants. Everyone got dressed up and was able to enjoy a night with their friends. We had an amazing red carpet to take pictures on and amazing restaurants who let us be able to do this! Here are some of our favorite photos from the night!

Photo by Warrior Official

Thank you to everyone who participated in Arapahoes first Fall Premiere! Thank you to all who followed the COVID safety guidelines to make this possible. A big thanks to our Student Council team for organizing such an amazing week!  As always, stay safe!