Top 5 Funniest 2020 Political Ads

Lauren Svede, Journalist

In fifth place is an ad by the  Biden campaign “Joe Biden Gets Vetted”. If you lived in another country and where to watch this ad you’d probably think it was an ad for Corvettes not for Biden. It almost looks like a YouTube vlogger is giving you a car tour, because politics are mentioned for maybe 3 seconds during the video when Biden talks a little about his plan for the car/manufacturing industry. But other than those 3 seconds of the video it’s just Biden driving and walking around this Corvette in his iconic aviators. I’m assuming the point of this ad is to show his plans for American manufacturing and American made cars, but it’s a stretch to even come to that conclusion. While this ad is more wholesome then funny, I find it laughable that this was an actual ad rather than a David Dobrik vlog exploring a Corvette.

Kanye West’s first and only political ad comes in at  fourth place.This ad fits into his campaign perfectly because it is such a joke. It feels like a low budget music video, and sounds like one too. West doesn’t speak into the camera once, and instead stares straight ahead making it obvious he’s reading a teleprompter for his minute and a half speech. Now that I am done roasting his entire campaign, let’s look at the actual politics of the ad.There is no mention of any policies or plans West supports if he becomes president, he only talks about religion and the importance of God, family and prayer in that order. Overall this ad is hilarious not only because of the execution and content, but because he spent 5.9 million dollars on this campaign ad alone.

Texas Reloading has third place. This ad is produced by the group Texas Reloading that is made up of five Republican candidates running for Congress, Wesley Hunt, Genevieve Collins, Beth Van Duyne, Tony Gonzales, Dan Crenshaw and August Pfluger. Is this a political campaign ad or a movie trailer? You’ll never know! The video starts with Dan Crenshaw getting a “mission” to save Texas, he then acts like a superhero, jumps out of an airplane, and starts recruiting others to help him complete this mission. This was a creative idea for an ad, but the execution is where it falls apart. It looks like a short trailer done on iMovie, and the way Crenshaw recruits people is also hilarious. He finds them doing the strangest things like fixing a helicopter, flying a plane, honoring police officers, hacking or programming something on a computer, and someone is even doing some form of martial arts. Overall it’s really funny that it is a political ad, and not the intro to some new Disney show. Definitely give it a watch if you have a couple minutes!

Coming in at second place is the Regeneron Ad by the Lincoln Project. The Lincoln Project is a political committee run by former republicans, they are devoted to trying to get Trump and other republicans out of office. The Lincoln Project fully supports Biden in this election, although some theorize that their strategy is getting Biden to win this election so Republicans can regain control in 2024 with a different candidate. As of right now this committee is not backing any policies or propositions and are only supporting Biden and all of the other Democrats running for office (Congress, Senate, etc.). After Trump contracted and recovered from COVID-19 he conducted an interview outside of the White House where he mentioned Regeneron dozens of times. The Lincoln Project jumped on this and made this video making it seem like Trump is a salesman for Regeneron, they make this ad look like a cheap ad you would see on TV. The Lincoln Project faced a lawsuit because of copyright infringement from this ad they ran so you will not find it on their YouTube or website, but you can still watch it from this NBC clip.

“Nationalist Geographic” by The Lincoln Project takes first place. The Lincoln Project puts out new anti- Trump ads almost everyday, and each one is funnier than the last. This ad mocks the way National Geographic follows wild animals, but they replace an animal with Trump. The narrator sounds like those who work for National Geographic because of the way he comments on Trump’s actions, personality traits, and physical appearance. Trump is referred to in the as Impotus Americanus (his species name), and “small bald Trump”, as though he is an actual animal and these are the scientific names and nicknames people would call him. The video pokes fun at his love of, insane hair, and strange orange skin but does it as though these are characteristics of this “species”. This ad is hands down one of the funniest ads I have seen and will definitely give you a laugh.