Spotify Wrapped 2020: The Light at the End of 2020

Jaden Cottorone, Editor-In-Chief of the Arapahoe Herald Magazine

It’s “Wrapped” season, and regardless of your preferred streaming platform, tis’ the season to be reminiscent of your top musical moments of 2020- and share it with everyone you know.

Spotify Wrapped is a campaign that began in 2015 under the name “Year in Music.” Since then, the feature has continued to be introduced each December by the Spotify team. Wrapped gives users the opportunity to explore their most listened to songs, artists and podcasts throughout the year and provides them with data such as total minutes listened, number of genres listened to, and how many new artists the user discovered. 

This year, Spotify added in 6 new aspects to the Wrapped experience. Users take a guess at  their top artist, podcast, and most listened to decades before those answers are revealed, which adds a new level of interactivity to the slides. They also added a personal touch by including milestones and stats for the user’s top song, such as the date of first stream. Podcast fans receive more stats like minutes listened for their favorite shows. The classic generated playlist “Your Top Songs” is accompanied by “Missed Hits”, a compilation of suggested songs released in 2020, and “On Record”, a multimedia playlist that explores the user’s top artists through both songs and interviews. Premium users also experience new badges such as “Pioneer,” “Collector,” or “Tastemaker” depending on their achievements. Even non-users can view Spotify’s global listening trends for 2020.

With the anticipation comparable to waiting on the Grammys or Oscars, Spotify Wrapped seems to be a light at the end of the long tunnel that is 2020, as artists and listeners alike have been avidly posting their slides on various social media platforms since its release on December 1st. 

Check out some of Arapahoe Students’ Stats below!

Just a few of Warrior’s top artists from 2020 Wrapped. *Data collected from 47 self-reported responses


Some stats that Warriors found to be embarrassing. *Collected from self-reported data