Climate Change and the pandemic


Henry Nickless

Climate change is still a real problem. Even though it hasn’t been talked about in a while, it is still important to know that climate change is still happening. With this pandemic, climate change has been affected in many ways. Sometimes it has changed for the better and sometimes, for the worse.


With this pandemic, a lot more plastic has been used. In the form of gloves and other disposable items. This is taking a big toll on our world and seriously affecting the amount of plastic that is floating around. Also, due to social distancing orders, teams of environmentalists have been cut down and sometimes have been forced to stop working. 


Also, as government officials change their point of view to make the pandemic the most important topic of discussion, illegal logging in the Amazon rainforest has started up again. 


More people have started to use personal transportation because many forms of public transportation have been rendered useless by the virus. The environment has taken a big toll from these changes. 


Surprisingly, it’s not all bad. With the pandemic came the ban on international travel. Transportation makes up for over 20% of the world’s emissions. This ban put sanctions on aviation which produced way less emissions than it used too. This is one of the few positive things that has come from the pandemic to help our climate. 


Sadly, the transportation ban is one of the very few things that changed for the better because of the pandemic. Overall our environment has taken a big hit and it is important for us to keep thinking about it.