How has Covid-19 impacted learning?

Marina Huster, Journalist

With Covid-19 in person restrictions schools across the country have been forced to go online. For some, online learning is effective and helpful, however for most it is exhausting, challenging, and mentally draining. With no break from the house, students and teachers work on their computers all day. The difficulty and challenge of teaching and learning remotely causes high stress levels. Teachers have been forced to cut out certain criteria that students a year before would have been learning. Not all students have access to the internet and or technology. With stores and shops closed, common places that offer internet and computer, such as libraries are no longer accessible. According to Learning ENglish, “Three million students lack a home internet”. Many students are forced to miss work, doing schooling outside next to the building with the internet, and have parents teach them. Another struggle of Covid-19 and school closures are working parents with young children. Where normally these young kids would be sent to day care centers and school, they are forced to stay at home. A large majority of parents are unable to go to work, because they have no one to watch their children. Several states have laws for the minimum age children must be in order to be left home alone. Law Offices of Mark Eiglarsh state that Maryland requires children to be 8 years olds, Oregon is 10, and Illinois is 14 years old before being left home alone. Unable to go to work, many parents have been laid off and are struggling to support their families.