One Day is Today

Elijah Bachali, Yearbook Photo Editor

“Life is brief and tender.” — Candy Chang

The latest display by the art department is very visible; a large wall covered in black paper and labeled in bold white letters: “One day I will…” It is hard to miss when walking down the east hallway.

The idea comes from a project in New Orleans assembled by Candy Chang, an artist whose creative focus is using public spaces to open up community relations. Chang’s “One Day” wall was placed on the side of an abandoned building where the residents of the community could write their own ending to the statement, “Before I die I want to…”

Since the original wall, many new walls have been added in many countries. But the one I want to specifically talk about is the one down the hallway at Arapahoe High School. It’s incredible to see such thoughtful responses on the “One Day” wall. Here are a few that caught my eye;



Arapahoe students, I love the dreams that you hope to one day accomplish. I therefore challenge you to do something about them. Today is the day to start taking a risk. Today is the day to change someone’s life forever. Today is the day to follow your dreams. And today is the day to become the man or woman you want to be.

There were three wishes I saw over and over. The first was to travel the world. Second, to love and be loved in return. And third, to follow your passion. Friends, let today be the day that you begin these endeavors to live fully, love passionately, and dream incredibly.