Top Five Shows to Watch Over Break


Joe Cox, Journalist

With winter break starting and Coronavirus in full swing, we’ll have a lot of time on our hands. What better way to spend that time then binging all the hottest shows. With lots of thinking and determination I compiled a list of the top five shows to watch this break.


Avatar (Netflix)Avatar got added to Netflix on May 15th, 2020, and it didn’t take me long to watch it over the summer. I had never really seen the show all the way through as a kid, and wasn’t really interested in watching it because I thought it looked too childish. After watching the first episode I realized all the hype behind it. Avatar gives you a sense of being a kid again and brings back that nostalgia, all while targeting an older audience with an interesting plot and lots of dope fight scenes. If you happen to give this show a shot and like it, Netflix just released The Legend of Korra, a continuation of the Avatar Universe.


Queen’s Gambit (Netflix) – This show has been all the craze since its release, and is shedding new light on the chess world. The show follows Beth, an orphan with a gift for chess. Throughout the show Beth faces difficulties that come with playing in a male dominated sport in the 1960’s. You don’t need any prior knowledge about chess for the show to still be intriguing. With the limited series only having seven episodes, it is an easy binge and perfect for break.


The Mandalorian (Disney+) – From the outside the show might seem like it’s just about Baby Yoda’s cute appearance, however The Mandalorian is a lot more than just Baby Yoda. Not putting any disrespect on Baby Yoda or anything, I am just saying that the show provides more than just him. What I enjoy the most about The Mandalorian is the fact that it takes a wild west approach to the Star Wars Universe. The music and the desert planets in many episodes give a vibe that has never really been seen in Star Wars, and it’s pretty refreshing. I like the show because it isn’t focused around a jedi, instead it is focused on a mandalorian. If you are into Star Wars lore there is a lot hidden in this show. Even if you aren’t a die hard Star Wars fan, you can still enjoy the interesting plot, amazing visuals, and new characters.


What We Do in the Shadows (Hulu) – This show is a mockumentary of vampires living together in modern day Staten Island. The series builds on Director Taika Waititi’s movie of the same name, detailing the lives of vampires in New Zealand. The show is hilarious, and every episode explores the vampires dealing with different problems of modern life. Perfect for easy watching, the short episodes and comedy allow for you to binge a few and pick back up later. 


The Office (Netflix) – I am sure at this point nearly everybody has watched The Office. It has to be one of the most feel good calming shows out there. The main reason I am putting this on the list however is not because you haven’t already seen it, but instead because the show is being taken off Netflix on January 1st and going to Peacock. Use your time this break to get some final episodes and laughs in before it’s gone.