Pumpkin Bread VS. Banana Bread


Liam Rump, Journalist

Nearly everyone has a soft spot for bread. Whether it is regular sandwich bread, pumpkin bread, or banana bread. Flavored bread is a classic favorite for everyone, providing a delicious outlet for your daily carbs. But a question arises over which is the best: banana or pumpkin? Both banana and pumpkin are unquestionably delightful, but only one rises to the top; banana bread. 

One of the most obvious reasons for banana bread’s superiority is its variety of flavors. The sweet flavor of banana is mixed with the crunch of the lightly toasted almonds and the occasional sweet chocolate chips. The slightly crisp exterior combined with the soft, buttery interior creates absolute perfection. Banana bread is a creation of wonderful flavors throughout the whole slice. Can you imagine biting into a fresh, warm slice of excellence? 

Pumpkin bread is nothing in comparison. There is only one flavor: pumpkin. I’m not going to lie, pumpkin bread is also incredibly delicious but there is no variety. When I eat flavored bread, I want every bite to be a new adventure. Pumpkin bread doesn’t provide this because it’s only one flavor. 

Although both types of bread are more of a treat than a highly nutritious snack, banana bread usually has fewer calories. The bananas provide vitamins and the nuts provide protein. Slices usually have between 100-200 calories and some nutritional benefits. In comparison, a slice of pumpkin bread is usually between 300-400 calories and with fewer health benefits. Neither pumpkin bread nor banana bread are completely healthy choices, but banana bread is a healthier choice.

Next time you’re choosing between a slice of pumpkin bread and a slice of banana bread, I deeply recommend banana. It has a variety of flavors and is a healthier option. Both breads are good choices, but banana bread provides more benefits.