Predictions for Godzilla Vs Kong: Who Will Really Win


Jack DeBaggis, Author

With the newest release of the second trailer/teaser for Godzilla vs Kong, there is more speculation of who will win. Now, most people have their bets on Godzilla for a plethora of reasons, the main one being he is radioactive. A couple of other things Godzilla has in a fight against King Kong is he is armored, can swim, and radioactive beams. But let’s look on the other side with King Kong he does not have as much as Godzilla but the things he does have just might prove to be more useful, to start he has opposable thumbs, an ax now, and he is young and strong. Let’s start with Kong’s ax in the first trailer it is shown deflecting/taking in the laser beam of Godzilla and almost charging up then as Kong is about to go for the hit the trailer end which leads me to believe something big happens. Another thing about the ax is it is one of Godzillas dorsal fins maybe not Godzillas exactly but maybe an ancestor of his. Finally, to switch back to Godzilla in the second movie in 2019’s Godzilla: King of Monsters he fights King Ghidora who in that movie is the king of all monsters until he is finally beaten by Godzilla who is now technically the king, but he only won with the help of Mothra. This means that Godzilla won’t have any extra help this time around.

Now let’s get to my actual prediction. I predict that Godzilla and King Kong are gonna fight and really do some damage to each other but then out of nowhere Mechagodzilla will appear and wreak havoc upon Japan. I say that because the beginning of the first trailer shows a panel behind someone that says “Charge almost 100%” and above that, you see a foot that looks like Godzilla. Directly after that you see “Godzilla” walking through Japan but something is different he is now red instead of his usual blue but we know from the older movies Mechagodzilla is red. This raises another question how did he get around without Kong or Godzilla noticing?  The answer is pretty simple and is in the second movie when Ghidora dies Jonah Allen terrorist group they stole his head and implanted it into Mechagodzilla which would make Mechagodzilla the king and being the king lets you control all other monsters making the other two fight so he can prepare to kill them in one swift move. Directly after Kong and Godzilla will team up and fight Mechagodzilla. But sadly in the end one of them will die and my guess is Godzilla.

In the end, this is just my prediction and we will find out who really wins on March 31st. The movie will be available in open theaters and to subscribers of HBO Max.