Pros and Cons of All In-Person School from a Student

Pros and Cons of All In-Person School from a Student

Andrew Chalmers, Reporter

With Littleton Public Schools going into all in-person learning on March 8th, here are some pros and cons coming from a student.


In-person learning is a lot easier to focus on lessons: When every lesson in the hybrid and all-online is a video, it is a lot harder to focus at home. When a student is at home, there are a lot of other distractions around them such as siblings, dogs, or electronics.  In-person on the other hand does not have these distractions and the teacher can interact with the class a lot easier than when it is a video.

Students get to all of their friends: One of the worst parts about hybrid learning was that a student with the last name starting with A-K could not see a friend they had with the last name starting with L-Z and vice versa. All in-person will make this a lot easier for students to see all of their friends. From first-hand experience, a student could go weeks without talking to a friend in the other half just because their schedules do not match up. All in-person learning will make this a lot less stressful for students in that manner.


Students will be tired for the first couple periods every day: Right now, students are used to waking up early 2 times a week and an hour later on Wednesdays for PLC but for the other days, students will usually sleep in. When all in-person comes back, students will be tired because their bodies are not used to waking up early in the morning 5 days a week. After a while, it will get better but for the first couple of weeks, this will be a problem.

The more students, the more people will be quarantined: Of course this is a given, but as a student, I do not want to be locked in my house for 10 days doing nothing even if I could do nothing about it. I have heard from friends how annoying and lonely being quarantined is, especially when they are not even sick. Now more than ever is when kids need their friends and it is hard to do that when quarantined.

Personally, I am excited for all in-person learning for the pros I’ve listed above. I would much rather go all in-person than in the hybrid because I just want to go back to normal.