The Return to In-Person Learning

Clara Shanor

By now everyone has probably heard the news of the decision to return to fully in-person learning at Arapahoe starting March 15th. This year has been one with the themes of change and adapting, and yet again another curveball is being thrown. But most students have mixed emotions about the return to five days a week, especially the week right before spring break. Most are fans of the homework time twice a week while the other cohort attends in-person school and are sad to see that go. As far as parent opinions, many do not want their students to be exposed to the full population of Arapahoe right before going on trips or flights for spring break. Despite the downsides of this decision, there are some benefits as well. First of all, the social aspect of school will be restored almost fully and it will be much easier to meet new people. Furthermore, teachers will be way more accessible for students to ask questions which will be incredibly helpful. Overall, the decision of having students at Arapahoe returning to fully in-person learning taking place March 15th has some backlash but ultimately will most likely be beneficial to everyone affected.