What is ahead of us? Sports Discussion by: Jack Curran                                          


Jack Curran, Videographer

March 1 ,2021

        What is ahead of us?                                          

Photo by Jack Curran @jackcfilms


When we go back fully in person on the scheduled date March 15th, what will this mean for sports? This is the question many if us have. Many wonder if more fans will be allowed or if the seasons will be changed back to normal times. The answer is we don’t know.

As a videographer I would like a change in allowance of fans but it is also kind of a stretch with everything going on. As a freshman I know that many of my freshman classmates have never been to a real Arapahoe football game or an Arapahoe basketball game. Which is definitely weird for us.

As a freshman I am hopeful to watch at least one normal game this year. Whether it is lacrosse, soccer, baseball, track and field, and even field hockey. I am hopeful that the amount of fans allowed will change at some point this year. Whether it’s 12%, 75%, or even full attendance. Anything is better than what we have had so far this year.

If we have games with fans or more fans what will this mean for sports around the United States? For instance the Final Four is coming up in March. Will fans or even some fans be allowed at this event? Who knows but if cases get better and the vaccine gets out to more people things could start looking up for the sports world.

Another example is the MLB is doing spring training right now. Will people be allowed at the spring games or even the games during the season? Some would say yes, some would say no.

With vaccines rolling in there is a change fans will be allowed but no one knows. We will find out very soon what the future is going to look like. Hopefully things will look up and sports will go back to normal.