The Need-To-Be-Discovered


Hannah Larsen, Associate Editor


An all time favorite app, Tik Tok, provides some of the best content for the teenage mind and soul. The latest gift that has been granted to us avid app users is the upcoming artists making their marks and blessing our ears with some of the best, most relatable music at the moment. If you love to explore different artists and styles like I do, then I think you will find these hidden songwriters to be some of the best things to discover.


For those late nights, calm drives Emma Oliver has you covered. A few of my favorite songs are:


*Getting Older


*i’m sorry, i miss you

*Nightmare on Dream Street

*Know You Better (Coming March 12th)!



For those who like some catchy, window down songs Dasha has got your back. Some recent songs I’ve been listening to by her are:


*None of My Business

*$hiny Things

*Better Than She Did

*More Than This (Coming March 19th)!



For those who want some more of those good summer days, hanging with friends type of feelings Rence has several songs to help:



*Baby Blue




And more more songs by some very appreciated artists:


*Sorry by Matt Hughey (

*Halcyon by Blu Eyes (

*Family Reunions by Maddie Zahm (

*Live Fast by Lyan Paris (


Some more Tik-Tok artist I highly recommend are:


*Zoeelevert (

*AveryAnnaMusic (

*Jasmineestreba (

*itsmajenziet (

*lynlapid (