Converting to Full in School learning as a freshman.

Clayton Wern, Journalist

Most people come to highschool excited to meet new people and excited to walk around a big new school but, the 2020 school season was a whole different experience than normal. Class rooms were half as full and the school felt barron compared to what you would have expected and heard from older kids.

Personally, I am super excited to go back in person full time and abandon the entire online schedule but, I know some students feel differently. And to that I say, don’t be. If you are struggling in school, then you will have double the amount of time to get help and do work in a class.

If you are scared to be in person all the time and be around people, don’t be worried. Everybody wears their mask and still behaves the same. There are still protocols to help with social distancing. After all, we are kids that are young and healthy. We can recover from most anything if we persevere and stay strong.