New In-Person Adjustments


Banana Bread is back in the Cafeteria!

One of the most beloved snacks at the Arapahoe Cafeteria is banana bread. This past year, it has been unavailable but has recently made a comeback with the return to full in-person learning. Everyone thus far has been excited about this return, so make sure you stop by the cafeteria and get a piece! 

The Cafeteria is one of the most popular places to hang out in the school. With the new all- in-person learning, there have been more tables and booths added to increase seating.  However, after lunch, nearly half the seating options are moved to provide more walking room. I have an off both days in the later part of the day, so this can be inconvenient because of the decrease in the variety of seating sizes per table. I know they are moved to make cleaning the school easier, but it is somewhat bothersome.

Most of us can admit that during the hybrid schedule we’ve gone against the “one-way hallways” to get to our class faster. Normally it wasn’t a big deal as long as it wasn’t one of the main hallways. Since we’ve started going all in person with everyone in the building it is no longer allowed and staff is much more strict about people going