The Secret Code Printed Onto Rover Perseverance’s Parachute

For those that don’t know Perseverance was a rover that landed on Mars in February 2021. Perseverance is the 5th rover still operating on the red planet today. Attached to Perseverance are tons of scientific gadgets that will help us navigate the rover, including a drone named ingenuity who will survey the planet from above. One other thing was attached to Perseverance but only during landing, a parachute. 



Most people just looked at the orange and white spiked designs and thought they were cool patterns. But actually there was a message hidden within the graphic. The way the colors are arranged on the parachute spells dare mighty things in binary. I never would have picked up on this message and even if I knew of it, I wouldn’t be able to solve it. But still, why would NASA say this message? Are they hinting at something or is it just a cool hidden easter egg? Nonetheless, I think everyone could use a little encouragement.