Arapahoe Library Opens


Madison Wacaser, Reporter

After a week delay, the Arapahoe library opened earlier this month on Monday, Sept. 8 to start Homecoming week. The new renovations have added areas like a food and drink area, a computer bar, quiet study area, comfortable sitting area, group study area and five small group study rooms. Not to mention that students have been able to check out any of hundreds of new books.

“Now, we have a place where students can go and can get things done,” Mr. Karl Fisch said of the study rooms. “There is a large table, a whiteboard, and a big monitor that students can plug their laptops into.”

“There were multiple challenges, one of which was the timeline and it was an extremely short timeline,” Fisch said. “I mean the fact that we got it finished this early is incredible and it is a tribute to all of the construction firms that worked on it, as most did it for much lower prices than normal and put [the library] ahead of other people in order to get it done.”

Suggestions for quotes for the library walls were due on Sept. 15. There is no word yet on what quotes are being used, although it is worth noting that the quotes may not be added at all. The survey stated at the beginning that the quotes were simply being considered for the library.

Although the renovations are done, the school still needs $800,000 to pay for the project.

Those interested can get more information about donations by going to and going to the Moving Forward Fund tab or clicking on the Warrior Strong logo to help the school cover the expenses of the library.