Red Hood: Lost Days

Above is one of the comic covers from Red Hood Lost Days. The image Came from:

Above is one of the comic covers from “Red Hood Lost Days”. The image Came from:

Justus Brocka, Journalist

“Red Hood: Lost Days” is a short story about 146 pages long written by Judd Winick, the same person who wrote “Batman: Under The Red Hood”. If you haven’t read that comic or watched the animated movie based on the comic stop reading here and go read the comic or watch the movie because the rest of this will contain massive spoilers for “Batman: Under The Red Hood”. “Red Hood: Lost Days” follows Jason Todd (the second Robin) right before his death and leads into “Batman: Hush” (which I’ll be doing an article on next) as he is learning skills that Batman didn’t teach; how to be more lethal in a fight, using explosives, small arms, etc. He ends up killing most of the people who teach him these things because like usual Jason has no problem killing the bad guys. I would highly recommend this book. The one problem is it’s one of the harder Red Hood comics to find (unless you go online) on Amazon. It costs about $20 but it is definitely worth it. I’d give it a 5/5 and would highly recommend it.