Technology I Can’t Live Without


Michaela Powell, Journalist

   I am one of those people who would just love to live in another time in history and experience the life those people had. But I often wonder how much of a change it would be. It seems easy but most days it’s hard to go a full day without checking my phone or watching some tv. So here’s a list of some technology that I find would be hard to live without:

  1. Fridge

   One of the things that we don’t usually consider as a major electronic would be a fridge. I couldn’t imagine not being able to go to the kitchen and not being able to look  through the fridge. I would have to walk out to what they called the “ice house” (where ice could be stored) to see if there was something I wanted to eat. And even before these ice houses were around it would’ve been even harder. I am thankful for fridges! 

  1. Phones

   This one is obvious but imagine not having phones. I use mine daily for entertainment, to check for weather, and grades. Everything I need to know is one search away. Living in a time where I had to rely on the news, or just previous knowledge, seems crazy to me. But I could see myself without a phone if I had at least a television which leads me to my next point…

  1. TV

  Again, I use television to get my news and entertainment from. It seems weird that, before TVs, the only source for entertainment were plays and often they were too expensive to go or just not really interesting at all to some. 

  1. Washing Machines

  I just don’t understand how women used to do all the laundry by hand before this incredible and underrated invention came out. Of course, they had more time, but imagine how dry your hands would become and how tiring it would be. I’m often too lazy to even put in a load of laundry. 

  1. Cars

  Of course, this one is hard to imagine a life without. People didn’t have it so bad because they still had little wagons but still… I can go to the mountains and back in a day without a care but they weren’t able to do that. Most of the time they walked to areas they needed to go to. Boundaries were very different because of the restrictions of transportation. 


   Anyway, I find it interesting how much our lives would change even in the simplest ways, in ways that don’t seem overly significant on a daily basis, if we went without these precious commodities. Because before we had these, people say they could live without the “modern accessories” that they owned. They might not understand how much our generation relies on the use of technology.