Riley Roth, Journalist

I’ve never been on an actual roller coaster, but this year is exactly how I would describe it. There have been so many ups… and a lot more downs then I would have liked. I’m getting dizzy just thinking about what I had to go through this year. I never want to do this again. Ever, ever again.


 I hated this year. Maybe it’s just high school in general. Because of the different groups during the hybrid schedule, I drifted away from some of my closest friends. I had to make new friends and I don’t think people realize how hard that actually is. But I did it and it was wonderful, until we went back in person.


 I liked my little group of friends and the amount of people in the hallways during the good old hybrid days. Now there are so many people, everywhere. When I walk to my classes I swear I am drowning in the ocean that is high school students. 


Gosh this year has sucked. Every single day, I was internally screaming and waiting until I could finally leave this dreaded place that apparently people call high school. 


So, uh, here’s some advice from my freshman self: just be yourself and never change for anyone else. You are good enough. Please remember that. This is where I pat myself on the back for a job well done.