The Flawed Philosophy of Grim Dark


Grimdark; the type of story that’s dark, depressing, and has no real heroes or happy endings. Really if I had to pick a year that best fits the description of grim, dark stories it would be 2020. While this statement is partially true, it’s a stretch.
Grimdark, stories have no happy endings. It’s like they’re saying, “Everything sucks, everything always will suck, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.” I have a problem with this thinking though, it’s a defeatist way of thinking.
If you believe that statement it will seem true to you. It will seem like everything is terrible and always will be and there nothing anyone can do to change that.
The only person who can fix that is you because if you believe everything sucks then it’s your belief and you’re the only one who can fix that.
While cynicism has its uses it’s only useful in small amounts just like optimism, you should have a balance of the two. Yes, bad things do happen but good things can come out of the ashes of them. Just like night fades into day, rain reveals a rainbow, and shadows succumb to light; bad things will happen and lead to good things.
Thanks for giving me your attention,
-Justus Brocka