So Many Schedules- A Reflection on Freshman Year


Cameran Williams

This year was my freshman year, and an eventful one to say the least.

The 20 something schedule changes–so far, and constantly wondering if we are about to switch into a new way of school was definitely something. At the beginning of the year, I was completely thrown off by the school’s layout (which seems so simple now), not to mention the one-way hallways. One thing I really enjoy though is having the freedom of an open campus; My link crew went on and on about it at the beginning of the year, which got annoying, but it really is a nice thing to be able to buy something at King Soopers or walk to Fuzzy’s to get tacos for lunch.

Speaking of, I think I’ve taken for granted the freedom of having 2 off periods this year and getting to eat lunch as early as 10 a.m, whereas next year, I don’t think I’ll be so lucky. When we went in person, it felt almost like the first day of school again: meeting new people, changing friend groups, and seeing which classes were going to be quiet or loud.

Also having TRIBE, what, twice this year, and no assemblies is an interesting experience. I always expected Homecoming and football games to be this teen movie event, but I didn’t even get that this year. I just wonder if my entire high school experience will be like this? I see new faces every single day. To think there are so many people at this school and I probably won’t even see everyone is a crazy thought within itself.