Peace Out


Hannah Larsen, Associate Editor

Even after my two car crashes, getting pulled over for a “dirty license plate”, and being called into the counselors’ office told I don’t have enough credits to graduate; I still feel invincible. As high school pushes me out of its doors and into the big, scary world, the invincibility has begun to fade and the effects of the real world are starting to take its toll. As much as I complain about the missing work I have and all the F’s I’ve achieved senior year, I think I  actually will miss high school. Okay, maybe not the actual attending high school or most of the people in it, but definitely the thousands of memories I have gained. I definitely will miss the spontaneity of joining the cheer team, and surprising my mom when I actually made it. I’ll miss the car lunches with my mini friend group laughing about the most stupid things. I’m going to miss asking to go to the bathroom and meeting up with my friends while walking the entire class period in the halls. I will miss it all. Yet, I must remind myself that those moments have passed, and I have many more excellent moments to come. These moments include making friends that are actually my age, and not just juniors; creating milestones, career-wise; attending white out games at Penn state; and all the other moments to come when I reach 20, 30, 40, and so on. So as I approach that May 21st date, I’ll focus on the good to come and appreciate the happiness of the past.