Cancelling stereotype


Rowan Hughes, Journalist

High school, the worst and best four years of your life filled with cliques, social norms, athletes, and the biggest thing, popularity. What determines if you’re popular or not? Is it because you don’t buy that one shirt from Brandy Melville or is it because you have to wear the shortest of shorts with the tightest shirt you can find? 

People will not accept you unless you wear these types of clothes and sit with these certain people that play these sports and nothing else. So what? Is it really going to be the end of the world if you don’t follow the unwritten rules of society? 

For most of my freshman year I didn’t even get to meet half the people in my class. Definitely not what I wanted but I did eventually get used to it. Then boom, everyone’s back five days a week full time. I hated how many people there were and how busy the hallways were. I always say that people need to learn how to walk and with over 2,000 people at Arapahoe that has become a big problem.

I soon got used to being back at school with everyone but instantly the cliques started. I have seen more people left out than all the girls in the bathroom fixing their hair combined. Does being popular really matter? In ten years most of us will be working and starting a basic American life.

Having the biggest friend group with the most friends possible isn’t always the best way to go because high school is filled with so many toxic relationships and friendships. I have found that the truest friends are the ones that you can laugh with while still being serious, the ones that will stick by your side through the tough times to pull you out of the dark depths, and I know this sounds cliché but it really is the truth. 

People are going to come and go in your life throughout the next four years so my advice is to live while you can because you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.