4 Teams I Think have the Highest Chance to Win Super Bowl 56


Liam Rump, Journalist

#1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

          This is obvious. The Bucs won Super Bowl 55 and have most of their 2020-2021 team coming back. The Bucs have a very high chance to win the Super Bowl 56.

#2 Kansas City Chiefs 

          The Chiefs have, in my opinion, the best quarterback in the league and have the offensive and defensive weapons. The only concern for the Chiefs heading into the 2021 season was their offensive line which they revamped this past offseason.  

#3 Bills

          The Bills are a surprisingly good team, and their quarterback Josh Allen has proven himself as one of the top 5 quarterbacks in the NFL. The Bills are also in a division with the Jets, Dolphins, and Patriots, who all have young quarterbacks I don’t think can lead their teams. 

#4 Rams

          The Rams have a top 3 defense in the league, and with the addition of Mathew Stafford, I think they can be a real threat.